Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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So without boring you with any more nonsense, lets get right into the method:

Step-1 -:
For Storing money you will need a account on paypal . so
go to the link below to register on paypal (

Now Their are Some sites that give you money for your views on their products , they are best for earning money . i hav given following websites on which you can register and can easily earn 50$ a day .

but for earning good money register on all links below .
1. CashCrate
2. AW Survey


WAIT !! There is one more way .
this is the most efficient and common way of earning money except these surveys there is another of earning money
The secret to making consistent fast cash online is harnessing the power of two money making services and fusing them with easy

promotion techniques:

The services used in this ebook are:
In short, you simply upload files people want to download to EnviroFile, then mask your link with Linkbucks. After-which you must promote
focused on in this ebook is YouTube. your download link via popular outlets, the main outlet

The Powerful Combination

If you haven't already worked it out, EnviroFile and Linkbucks together is a POWERFUL combination, maximizing your revenue from each download. Once somebody clicks your link, you automatically get paid, (just for them clicking a link!), then, once that person continues and downloads your software, you get paid AGAIN!

Think about the possibilities...

Look at these calculations based on only If you achieve 250 people

visiting your link everyday (easily possible if you follow this ebook),

and 225 continue with the download:

(250 * 4/1000) + (225 * 0.23) = $52.75 a Day per LINK!

Now, this is only using one link, and promoting one link only takes

around 10 minutes. You could easily do this many times a day,

creating more and more cash streams of over $50 a day!

Also, EnviroFile's tier system constantly increases the amount of

money you make with your downloads, look at the example below

once a download as reached the last tier (10000+ downloads, taking 5

weeks at 250 clicks a day):

(250 * 4/1000) + (225 * 0.45) = $102.25 a Day per LINK!

That's right! Within 5 weeks after set-up,all your links will be


double as much as they initially did, incredible!

Implementing The System

Step 1 – Creating the Accounts

For this system to work you will need both an EnviroFile account and

a Linkbucks account, if you have already created both of this

Here is the links



accounts, skip down to step 2.

Step 2 – Finding Items To Put For Download

Finding items to put up for download is a crucial step in the system,

you must choose the right item that people actually want to go through

the effort of filling out an offer or survey to download.

You could go with music, movies, ebooks, etc. But the most effective

and easiest type of items to put up for download is:

Step 3 – Creating the link

The next step in the $50+ a Day In 10 Minutes Method is to create

your download link, so that you receive payment from both Linkbucks

and EnviroFile.

NOTE : Currently EnviroFile is having issues with uploading files from

Internet Explorer, please download and use Firefox to continue with

the method.

So after you have chosen your file to upload, head over to

www.EnviroFILE.org and log-in

Now click on the “Upload” button in the main menu.

Next click Add File, then Browse to your chosen software.

After you have uploaded your file, head over to the Account section

and click View Files.

Here you will be able to see your files uploaded for download, the link

for each file, and how many downloads they have received.

Grab the link for the file you have just uploaded and head over to


After logging into your account, choose the “Create Links” option from

the menu.

From here you can now create a www.LinkBucks.com redirection for

your download link.

Fill out the form with the following information:

Link to Convert: Enter your URL from EnviroFile

Landing Page Content Is: Choose “Clean (All Ages)”

Ad Type: VERY IMPORTANT choose “Intermission”

Alias URL: Choose either “realfiles.net” or “seriousfiles.com”

After you have filled out all the information click Generate Link!

You will then be presented with the link you must promote!

Step 4 – Promoting Your Link

The final and most important step of the system is to promote the crap

out of your linkbucks link.

The most powerful tools to promote your link are:

Youtube – My personal favorite which has earned me insane

amounts of cash.